Executive Team

Mr. Bruce J. Butler is the CEO at UGM Dallas.  Mr. Butler has a personal understanding of what it is like to be cold and hungry, making him passionate about the work they are doing.  He is very excited about the future of UGM Dallas.  His number one goal for the mission is “Transforming Lives, Ending Homelessness One Person at a Time.” He and the entire executive team are dedicated to this priority and are making it a reality by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of all disabled vets, homeless men, women, and children who walk through the missions’ door.   These dedicated team members are available to answer your questions regarding donation opportunities as well as provide you with information on our children and adult rehabilitation programs.

Wilbert Henderson O’Hara

Executive Assistant to
Chief Executive Officer



Patrice Denning, CPA

Women’s Program Director

Miss Kiriakis Newman

Volunteer and Development Assistant

Tonya Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator