Our Commitment

An integral part of what we do at UGM Dallas is equip our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to live productive and fulfilling lives. We help them understand this season of homelessness can be the starting point for a new career, new relationships and a better life.
“Helping people get a job at a living wage is essential to end their homelessness. This means looking beneath whatever symptoms people have to uncover their core gifts, skills, and interests—in essence, ‘meeting them where they are at.’” – Gary Shaheen, HUD, and John Rio, Department of Labor

Educational Programs

Job Readiness Training & Job Placement

UGM Dallas partners with local businesses, non-profit organizations, business leaders, volunteers, and churches to provide those participating in our discipleship programs with a skill set that will help them find employment. In addition to learning skills in automotive repair, construction, and hospitality trades at the Sovereign Center for Homeless Advancement, participants are also taught basic skills that will enable them to succeed. They learn about accountability, the importance of timeliness in completing their work and responsibilities. Training in these areas produce self-confidence and self-worth.

UGM Dallas Currently Partners with:

  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
  • TG Academy (Restaurant, Hospitality & Retail)
  • Security

If you or your business would be interested in partnering with UGM Dallas to offer job training or employment opportunities, please contact at info@ugmdallas.org

Learning Centers

UGM Dallas Learning Centers, located at our two main shelters, were created to meet our homeless residents where they are, so that we can help them set and attain their goals.

In the 21st century, a lack of computer skills severely limits a persons’ ability to qualify for most jobs. All of our shelters have on-site learning centers where clients can learn computer skills, basic math and reading, and the use of an online job bank.   They also receive assistance completing job applications. Graduation from the Learning Center is mandatory for disciples.

Ken, a 47-year-old Discipleship Program graduate, said: “When I came to UGM, I couldn’t read. Now I’m motivated to know the Bible better so I can succeed in living the Christian life.”