UGM Dallas is committed to equipping our clients with job training and life skills that will enable them to successfully gain employment and live independently. After our clients have completed our Discipleship and Work Training Program, UGM Dallas provides opportunities for them to develop their skills in a work setting. You can support our mission by utilizing these services.

Labor Services

UGM Dallas offers labor assistance to individuals, businesses and churches throughout our community. Many utilize UGM Dallas crews to care for their home, business or church lawn maintenance needs.  If you have a project or upcoming event and are in need of extra assistance, please contact UGM Dallas at 214.287.3223 for a free estimate.

Transportation and Retail

After completing Discipleship and Work Training Programs, disciples have the opportunity to utilize their new skills through employment opportunities. Disciples showing an aptitude toward sales, organization and customer service are often employed through the Vintage Ten specialty boutique. Disciples often move on to jobs with other retailers having gained the knowledge, skills and confidence to make them successful employees.

In 2018, UGM’s long time supporter and partner, DART, offered UGM Dallas disciples the opportunity to work as mainline train cleaners through their contractor, HALCON. Those hired received a salaried position with the opportunity for benefits, raises and promotions. It is one more step in helping them to gain financial independence and self-confidence.

Food and Restaurants

UGM Dallas has created a unique partnership designed to help our disciples gain an employable skill set and then successfully work toward independence and self-sufficiency. TG Academy provides disciples with job readiness training, interview skills and job fair opportunities. The Greater Dallas Restaurant Association supports the program and endorses TG Academy by helping place candidates in positions that offer career advancement with higher wages.