I want to update you on how we are continuing to assist our residents affected by COVID-19.  In collaboration with Dallas County Health and Human Services (DHHS) we have developed a multi-prong approach.   First, we have conducted testing of all 103 Union Gospel Mission residents who came in contact with COVID-19 positive residents last week.  Of that number, 61 have tested positive so far.  We are awaiting additional test results and will update you as we know more.  Second, thanks to valuable relationships with both city and county agencies and organizations, residents have been moved to area hotels where they can more effectively be isolated and quarantined for a period of 14-21 days.  We will have staff on hand at all facilities 24 hours a day to continue ministering to our clients.  Each facility will prepare meals for the residents, and our staff will safely deliver them.  Third, right now the COVID positive patients have not shown symptoms, and we pray they remain asymptomatic.  However, should anyone among that positive group show symptoms they will be transported to Parkland for observation and treatment.   Fourth, during the next 14-21 days we will work with a licensed, commercial cleaning company to do a deep clean of our facility. We will also use the opportunity to do deferred repairs on the facility, including the restrooms.

Our mission has not changed.  We continue to care for the most vulnerable among us, who are even more vulnerable against this virus that is both relentless and indiscriminate.

Now, more than ever, we need your prayers and financial support.

Pastor Bruce Butler, CEO Union Gospel Mission Dallas