Dallas, Texas – October 27, 2020 Collin Corporate College, an educational and skills training resource for businesses, partnered with The Original Pancake House DFW and Union Gospel Mission Dallas to offer a webinar, “COVID 19 – The Impact on Employee Mental Health”.  Featured Speaker, Dr. Michael J. Maxwell, PhD, LPC-S, NCC, provided local executives with tools to successfully navigate the mental effects impacting employees and workplace productivity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click to Watch Webinar

The positive feedback from the free, 30-minute webinars indicates that area businesses are seeking resources to help manage new workplace dynamics. Listed below are a few of the action items Dr. Maxwell shared that employers can take to positively affect employees.

  • Employers can help by being compassionate, understanding, and willing to work together as their employees juggle simultaneously schooling their children and working full-time jobs at home. As employees come back to the office, they appreciate employers who show they care about their health and well-being by creating a safe, clean work environment and access to mental health needs.
  • Employers can provide a safe zone of openness about the importance of self-care so that employees know how to seek mental health care, if they do not feel their best, or if the employer or a co-worker notices a difference.
  • Zoom fatigue is real. Employers can limit Zoom meetings and emphasize meeting quality over quantity. They can also strongly recommend employees take a real break away from the computer with a short walk or stretching.

If you missed the first free webinar, the next webinar titled “Diversity Training: Compliance task or catalyst for real change?” will launch on November 5th.

For more information on Collin County Corporate College and the services they provide, visit http://www.collin.edu/CorporateCollege or call 972.599.3110. For more information on The Original Pancake House DFW, visit www.ophdfw.com. For more information on Union Gospel Mission Dallas, visit www.ugmdallas.org.