Dallas, TX (March 1, 2023) – UGM Dallas was among businesses, restaurants and
organizations that lent their support to the Pelican House Restaurant, an authentic Cajun and
Creole restaurant, who was selected as one of ten Texas restaurants to offer food tastings
during the 2023 Inauguration Taste of Texas Luncheon and the 88 th legislative session
kickoff. Click for Photos
“We are extremely grateful for UGM Dallas’s support of our restaurant during the inauguration.
We have been inspired by UGM’s CEO, Bruce Butler, and the heart he and his team have for
the homeless men, women, and children in Dallas,” stated Chef Louis Rainey, Owner of The
Pelican House Restaurant. “We both share the belief that food creates relationships and opens
doors to conversations.”
The synergistic partnership of these organizations and businesses exemplifies what makes
Texas a great state to live, work and play. The cross-marketing efforts allowed both to take part
in the event which welcomed thousands of legislatures and guests to the state’s capital.
“UGM Dallas was proud to have The Pelican Restaurant represent North Texas at the inaugural
celebration,” commented Bruce Butler, CEO of UGM Dallas. “They have volunteered and
served meals at our shelters with big smiles and big hearts. Also, we appreciate the things that
Governor Abbott did throughout the pandemic to keep our communities safe and businesses
For more information on UGM Dallas, visit www.ugmdallas.org. For more information on The
Pelican House Restaurant, please visit https://thepelicanhouserestaurant.com/.