Dallas, TX – April 1, 2020  WiseLift, designer of the most advanced sleeper and lift chair, has joined the Shielding the Homeless campaign with Union Gospel Mission (UGM) Dallas. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UGM Dallas has taken in hundreds of additional homeless men, women, children and veterans who are now being housed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as needed in order to keep them from being exposed to the virus and spreading it.

WiseLift has taken a multi-faceted approach to helping ease the burden during this time. WiseLift has sponsored Shielding the Homeless t-shirts, which have been distributed to the UGM Dallas staff and homeless guests at the shelter. They also donated several therapeutic lift chairs to be used at the shelter. WiseLift has created a special offer for UGM Dallas supporters that allows them to get a $500 discount on the popular WiseLift 450 chair, plus free delivery when they call 1-800-776-1725 and mention the special code MYCHAIR. WiseLift is also making a donation to UGM Dallas for every chair purchased in support of the Shielding the Homeless campaign. WiseLift will support the campaign through 2020.

“WiseLift is such a great community partner and has been at the forefront of supporting UGM Dallas during this time of crisis,” stated Bruce Butler, CEO of UGM Dallas. “Their innovative chair provides physical relief to many of our homeless guests who are older and suffer from chronic pain, and they love the new t-shirts created just for them.” View photos

WiseLift therapeutic chairs offer unlimited positioning capability, heat and massage ability from the upper back to lower legs and memory foam comfort to provide support needed for those recovering from injuries, suffering from arthritis and those with medical issues. The lift capability enhances independence by providing a smooth and stable transition from sitting to standing. Additionally, the fully reclined position makes the WiseLift 450 the most comfortable sleeper chair on the market.

“The team at UGM Dallas has really gone above and beyond to serve the homeless community in Dallas, and we wanted to do our part to help support them,” commented Gregg Cohen, President of WiseLift. “It has been incredible to watch the community join forces to make sure the most vulnerable in our community, the homeless, are not overlooked or forgotten.”

“When we created the Shielding the Homeless campaign, we called on Gregg Cohen of WiseLift, whose promotional business produces specialty items, including t-shirts. Mr. Cohen is such a big supporter of UGM Dallas that we knew he would want to be involved,” stated Margaret McKoin, CEO of The Time Group, a Dallas based marketing firm. “We are extremely grateful for businesses like WiseLift that care about those in the communities they serve.”

For more information on WiseLift, visit www.wiselift.com or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WiseLiftChair. To support UGM Dallas visit https://ugmdallas.org/shielding-the-homeless/