School Supplies List

We appreciate your support!

Physical and Monetary donations accepted.

Physical donation drop-off: UGM Center of Hope, 4815 Cass Street, Dallas, TX 75235
M-F: 10-5 pm
Sat: 8-5

Sat: 8-5

2 Husky/ Jumbo Pencils

#2 Pencils

Ticonderoga primary pencils (big, fat yellow pencils)

Large pencil box

Colored pencils

Pencil sharpener

Supply Box/ bag

Pink pearl erasers

Magic erasers

8 count large crayons

24 count boxes of crayons

Box of Playdooh

Elmer Glue sticks

Elmer’s White Glue (bottles)

Safety scissors (blunt)

Assorted color construction paper (12×18)

Assorted color construction paper (9×12)

White cardstock paper

Color cardstock paper

Washable markers 8 colors

Expo dry erase markers low odor (wide tip)

Expo erase markers low odor (fine tip)

Dry erase broad markers (any color)

Composition notebooks (100 sheet wide rule black cover)

Mead early composition journal

Manila paper (regular size)

Manila paper (large size)

2” Ring white binder with inside pockets

Composition notebook–half white paper & half ruled paper

Handwriting tablet paper (50 wide ruled sheets)

White or manila drawing paper (12 x18) (100 sheets)

Pocket folders with 3 fasteners (one blue and one red)

Reams of white copy paper (8 ½ x 11)

2 Boxes of facial tissue (150/175 count)

Ziploc bags in the following sizes (sandwich, pint, quart and gallon)

Hand sanitizer

Plastic pocket folders with brads (green/ blue)

Disinfectant spray

Disinfectant wipes

Unscented baby wipes

Headphones: no ear buds. (school doesn’t supply)

Wide-Rule/ College Rule Paper

2 – 1” binders

8 subject dividers

Post-it notes

Scientific calculator

Geometry set

Pocket dictionary


Pencil sharpener

3 highlighters

1 agenda book/ student planner


Staple remover

Bottle correction fluid

Black/ Red/ Blue Pens

A gift of only $30 provides all
school supplies for one child!