Vehicle Donations

UGM Dallas operates a very unique car donation program.  This way of giving is more than an act of charity, it is used to teach a trade while refurbishing cars to bring the maximum resale value.  UGM Dallas will pick up all donated cars.

Car Donation

Donating your car to UGM Dallas accomplishes several things:

  1. By donating your car, you are making job training of our disciples and VA residents possible.  This is a critical part of their rehabilitation, giving them hope, and returning them to an independent lifestyle.
  2. Refurbishing your car before re-selling it gives you a larger donation amount which in turn increases the funds available to support the Missions’ programs.
  3. You are assisting UGM Dallas in reaching out to the hurting and homeless in Dallas County in the Name of Jesus.

If donating a car is something you would consider, please call 214-637-6117 ext. 115.